Safeguarding Your Data

Remote Data Storage And Recovery Through Data Deposit Box

Your data is the most valuable asset owned by your business - a fact frequently overlooked until a disaster strikes.  You may already create data backups, but is the data backup still stored within your company premises?  A fire, or theft of all your computer equipment may mean your data is gone forever.

An ideal solution is to safely and securely copy the data to a remote data warehouse location, using a cloud-based web service such as Data Deposit Box.

Hatchgate Software has been using Data Deposit Box for over seven years to safeguard all development source code and intellectual property etc.  The service provided by KineticD is first-rate and therefore highly recommended. As a result, in July 2010 Hatchgate Software became a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) for KineticD, which means for a small one-off set up fee of £55 we can create an account, install the client software onto your pc's and server's, and correctly configure the backup so that all of your critical data is protected.

The client software can be installed onto as many pc's / server's as needed because you only pay for the amount of data actually stored (this costs approximately £0.40 per GIGABYTE per month). The client software works in background (so it doesn't disrupt your work) automatically storing files as they are modified. If you need to recover lost files or folders, simply log in to the web-service, and select the files to be retrieved.

Please call for more information, alternatively you can learn more by visiting Data Deposit Box

 Secure Online Backup and Recovery